Guys That Game was originally the collective name of a bunch of fellas who played Planetside together. One of the members of this international co-operative of nerdy males was a Brit by the name of Eddie. Eventually the guys got into World of Warcraft and the introduction of both US and Euro servers drew the team apart. But, they kept in touch.

Meanwhile Ed went on to start selling imported merchandise, T-Shirts, Plushies and anything else he could get across the Atlantic with minimum customs charges. He did pretty well and from there on opened a market stall with his long-time friend Steve.

Steve and Ed then began to re-introduce gaming to their home town of Stoke on Trent. Moving from the retail only market area into a store in the middle of nowhere but which had gaming space. After 8 years and three moves Steve and Ed now helm GTG Games, a 2,000 sq ft town centre store and gaming area. The only thing missing was a decent web site to show off their goods to a wider audience.

With sixty years in the retail trade between them Steve and Ed pride themselves on building communities of gamers, of solid customer service and the quality of the products they sell.

Buying from GTG means your order is given actual attention, which means problems can be resolved quickly. Refunds where required are dealt with as a matter of priority and not an inconvenience. Stock didn’t arrive? The first person to know after we know will be the customer.

You can contact us at GTG by:


Telephone: 07494 679861

Or even send us a letter!

12 Brunswick Street