Warhammer 40K - Winter Apocalypse

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Reserve spot for Warhammer Winter Apocalypse Tournament

Event commences 9:30am Prompt

Judges rulings are final

Rules are as follows:

200 power points to make an army of your choice.
All armies must fit into force orgs and each teams command points will be pooled together for all to use.
Lists must be handed in a week in advance to allow for any changes that need to be made.

All named characters are limited to one per team and if multiple people take the same named character one list will need to be changed (I will let people know in advance on here so they can discuss).

Teams will be set once all lists have been handed in (keeping this within a theme).

On Day One a Warmaster from each team must be selected (bonus points for killing this model) and one player will be in charge of the team to make the final decision if one needs to be made.

We will have set up, and one turn, followed by a half hour break. Then 2 turns and a half hour break, and finally the last 2 turns.

NOTE: This is a virtual product. No physical item is issued. Your place is guaranteed. Should you wish to cancel your booking you are entitled to a discount up and including 4 days before the event. Contact us for a full refund. After 4 days we keep the money and spend it on sweets.