Warhammer 40K - Doubles Tournament

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Your teams will consist of 2 x 750pt armies using a maximum of 1 Force Org chart per 750pts.

No Lords of War.

Missions will be Eternal War missions from both the 40k Rulebook and Chapter Approved.

All lists must be handed in by 9pm Thursday the 15th of March, showing the force org used, your partner and the number of command points.

Army lists must be sent either by Facebook, email or handed in at the store
To guarantee your place you please pay entry of £5 in advance

Numbers limited to 16 teams

NOTE: This is a virtual product. No physical item is issued. Your place is guaranteed. Should you wish to cancel your booking you are entitled to a discount up and including 4 days before the event. Contact us for a full refund. After 4 days we keep the money and spend it on sweets.