Warhammer 40K Blood on the Snow Tournament

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1000 pts using a maximum of 2 Force Org charts.

Event Date -

Start time 11am

Estimated end 7pm

Due to the inhospitable nature of Planet Taurnos ALL armies will suffer a penalty when moving. Blizzards and deep snow for a -2 penalty when Advancing/Charging/Running. On the first turn the range will be limited to 12 inches, by turn two your recon troops will be able to better supply target data and on a roll of 4+ an extra 12 inches of range will be available. This is army-wide.
Cautious Generals may wish to take the opportunity to spend 2CP to ignore the penalty for Advancing/Charging/Running. Gaining D3 turns of superior recon information. If you have purchased your Chapter Approved book from us (and made use of the 10% discount) entry is completely free. Otherwise a 5.00 charge applies.
1000pt lists should be sent to us via email or Facebook or handed in to use at the store.

A this is a Seasonal Event the wearing of Xmas Hats and suitable jumpers is smiled upon.

Start time is 11:30am
Entry 5.00 (Free if you have purchased the CA Book from us)We will be using matched play rules, with the addition of the upcoming Chapter Approved where whoever finishes deploying first gets +1 on the first turn roll.

To guarantee your place we recommend signing up with payment in-store or via this online option.

Numbers limited to 20 players

NOTE: This is a virtual product. No physical item is issued. Your place is guaranteed. Should you wish to cancel your booking you are entitled to a discount up and including 4 days before the event. Contact us for a full refund. After 4 days we keep the money and spend it on sweets.