Warhammer 40K - UNFORGED Tournament May 20th


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Event Date May 20th

Start time is 11:00 am

It was promised and now it's here, brace yourself for Warhammer 40k Unforged!

What this means is the emphasis will be on your troops this time around as all missions will be objective based, forget about your Lords of War, forget about your Force World. Glory to the grunts!

Rules are as follows:

£5 entry.
1250pts to make your army with using no more the 3 detachments.
Also as suggested in the FAQ no more then 3 of each none troop/ none dedicated transport data sheets maybe used.
All missions will be objective based where wiping out your opponent may not necessarily grant you victory.
The big FAQ is out so these rules are in effect immediately, the FAQ wall is being updated as I type this :).
4 games and you will have 1hr 45 minutes to play each one.
Lists need to be handed in by the 17th either in store, via email or via Facebook messenger to either the store or to John Chesters.

As a final note the beta rules I want people opinion on whether to use them, if we do I will be collecting everyone's opinion about them and sending them to GW. Final decision about the Beta rules will be made by the 13th.

Any questions feel free to ask.To guarantee your place we recommend signing up with payment in-store or via this online option.

Numbers limited to 20 players

NOTE: This is a virtual product. No physical item is issued. Your place is guaranteed. Should you wish to cancel your booking you are entitled to a discount up and including 4 days before the event. Contact us for a full refund. After 4 days we keep the money and spend it on sweets.

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